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Someone’s been spreading around the idea that innovation in organizations starts with brainstorming and ideas…


We say: BS!

True business Innovation is the  application of ideas, generated from researched insights, to introduce impactful new business processes, services, and products to add value to the organization.



It requires taking bold, but calculated and researched, risks and a design-driven culture that accepts change and can accelerate its adoption.

Our Offerings

What We Innovate


Corporate Venture Building

Design, strategize, and launch intrapreneurial & entrepreneurial endeavors backed by your organization.

Process, Product, and Service Design

Create from scratch or modify existing business processes, digital products, and services to drive innovation.

Solutions to Real Business Problems

Devise answers to your organization’s needs that measurably work, not pay lip service to trendy buzz words.
Our Process

How We Innovate

Our innovators start from your business, stakeholders, customers, and competitors.


We identify your needs, probing them for actual pain points or opportunities, and researching their validity in the market.


Then comes the generation of a massive number of ideas for solutions, researching their validity and feasibility.


Finally, we create prototypes & simulations of solutions, measure their effect with people, and unleash innovation on the world!

Our Capabilites

Why We Can Innovate

We’re uniquely positioned to produce impactful innovation.

We Do Business

Veteran businesspeople and global consultants ourselves, we’ve spent 13 years engaging with elite clients’ top management on a strategic level including Fortune 500s, spanning across 21 time zones.


Our researchers and designers have immersed themselves, understood, worked, and become privy to the ins and outs of many different business types and industries enabling us to tackle problems wherever they might arise, including:

Capital Investment & Insurance Banks & Financial Institutions Food & Beverage Cargo & Freight Solutions Telecom Providers & Manufacturers Travel & Leisure Private Enterprise Reform Education Stock Market & Brokerages FMCGs Automotive Manufacturers FinTech & Payment Solutions Social Applications Consumer Electronics & Household Appliances Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Incubators & Startups Last Mile Delivery Governments E-commerce

We Research

Our researchers are armed and well-trained in some of the most sophisticated and encompassing research methods, including:


Behavioral & Attitudinal Research

Observing how people interact with products, services, and business processes, as well as eliciting insights on their feelings and experiences with them.


Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Performing explorations that serve as groundwork for ideation or richly describing complex phenomena, as well as providing statistical signals to guide the derivation of insights.


For the full suite of our Research Capabilities:

See Research & Audits

We Generate Ideas


We’ve been in the ideation game for as long as we’ve been in business, and have amassed a panoply of techniques that we employ with abandon to generate massive quantities of high-quality, impactful ideas.


Brainstorming… Seriously, who still does that? We’ve moved so far beyond that relying on an arsenal of idea generation techniques including innovation canvases, analogy & association, brainwriting, “how might we”s, roleplaying, and the list goes on.



See how we helped consumer electronics retail giant B.TECH produce 728 ideas to transform their store experience.

Read the Article

We’re Design Experts

We espouse design thinking as a conduit to innovation, and our innovators are globally recognized and certified thought leaders.

Adobe Certified Expert

Google Design Expert

IBM-Certified Design Thinkers

Mentors at Openclassrooms

Human-Centered IxD certified

Design Sprint Masters

Design Thinking Certified

Mentors at ADPList

Mentors at Springboard

Head of Egypt Chapter

  • Adobe Certified Expert

  • Google Design Expert

  • IBM-Certified Design Thinkers

  • Mentors at Openclassrooms

  • Human-Centered IxD certified

  • Design Sprint Masters

  • Design Thinking Certified

  • Mentors at ADPList

  • Mentors at Springboard

  • Head of Egypt Chapter

We Design Services

Innovation might manifest in the design of new services or the disruptive modification of existing ones. We produce hundreds of novel ideas to revolutionize your service and create ripples the market.

See Our Service Design Capabitlities

We Design Products

Digital products are fast becoming THE main mode of interaction with clients. What happens if you innovate a groundbreaking concept but it doesn’t work because the product was poorly designed? Good thing is: you’ll never find out.

See Our Product Design Capabitlities

Business Innovation is not the next big thing. It is the only thing.

With the world changing at its current pace your ability to innovate is your ability to survive.

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“Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.”

Tony Robbins