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Researchers have been studying the behaviors and buying habits of customers for decades. It’s kind of what business is about.


When was the last time you researched your customers and their interaction with your services?

Mystery Shopping

Assigning tasks to a customer experiencing a service, getting their feedback on what they’re expecting and what they find.


Mystery shopping can benefit from actual customers or those who fit the description of target customers, uncovering insights that designers might overlook.

Service Audits

Using video footage and conducting field visits to observe how customers move and behave in stores, identifying hot zones, fail points and areas for improvement.

Service Blueprinting

Called “As-is” blueprints, these diagrams visually represent the flow of customers through your service and the interactions they have with your touchpoints. They show processes and identify fail points.

Camera Studies

Installing cameras to record video footage of customers’ flow throughout your physical space. This provides insights into the smoothness of traffic in the store, areas of congestion, the accessibility of merchandise, and the visibility of ads and signs.

A/B Testing

Launching two instances of a service provision process to observe & measure their performance.


This provides quantitative and qualitative comparison on which design is better and provides insights into which are the best features to roll out to drive conversion and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Your research had a point, right? Start designing your Service!

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“Customer experience is the new battlefield”

Marc Stickdorn