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CI Capital is one of Egypt’s leading financial services firms. They came to us asking for a complete brand refresh that included the creation of a new website. What they wanted to convey most was an identity that reflected a modern, sleek look while exuding strength and confidence.

A Logo that Turns Heads

We wanted to create an identity that accurately captured CI Capital’s core strengths and values including integrity, agility, and excellence. We found that the cheetah’s form cleverly embodied these values.

1 Cheetah, 9 Ideas

Taking the cheetah idea further, we came up with multiple logo designs that approached CI Capital’s identity from different angles- because we understand the power of choice.

Logo Anatomy

Logo design is about the intersection of science and art. CI Capital’s logo was designed using carefully constructed components for a lasting visual impression.

Branding Beyond the Logo

Creating the logo was the first step towards building a complete brand identity that extended out to include a list of 19 stationery items. From business cards to t-shirts, we carefully designed each item to most conveniently reflect CI Capital’s identity when used.

A Complete Corporate Identity

CI Capital’s Corporate Identity Manual details the efforts behind the branding and explains the philosophy and science behind our choices.