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We take great pride in our projects, especially when they occasionally highlight the human element which is essential to our values. Amemba is no exception, as it focuses on the revival and preservation of memories for future generations through a mobile app. The concept of bringing valuable memories to life was our initial building block for the project.

The Value of Nostalgia

Amemba’s branding had to evoke the feeling of nostalgia, and the value of memories. We chose the butterfly to symbolize fluttering memories.

Bringing Memories to Life

Evolution of the Design

We went through various concepts to come up with three butterfly designs that captured the essence of Amemba.

Bringing Memories to Life

Colors That Evoke Emotions

We settled on a design that conveys wing movement with transparency.The soothing colors also mirror the feel-good effect tied to the recollection of pleasant memories.

An Experience that Facilitates Storytelling

Amemba’s user experience is designed to facilitate and encourage storytelling. Intuitive options make the process a breeze.

Simplifying the Complex

We designed a simplified microinteraction pattern to accommodate multiple date options in a single component.

Bringing Memories to Life

Fluid, Informative Navigation

An immersive experience that provides navigational fluidity coupled with an informative story view.