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Pfizer came to us because they wanted a mobile app that could both educate and empower healthcare professionals. We knew we had to focus on creating a customizable, visually intuitive app optimized for the effortless delivery of information.

A Customizable Medical Wiki

The best type of information is relevant information. Our app features a customizable medical knowledge base that encompasses a broad range of information on ailments, drugs, global guidelines, and medical events.

Diagnosis Support

Diagnosis support through microinteractions that help MDs identify ailments quickly and efficiently.

Visual Warnings for Drug Interactions

Prescription support through in-depth information on Pfizer drugs and interactions, with clear visual warnings.

An Intelligent Experience

A comprehensive homepage that brings relevant information right to the MDs fingertips based on usage and search patterns- whether it’s a new drug, a recommended podcast, or a recently released medical guideline in their specialty

A Medical Community

A social-inspired platform for MDs where they can share knowledge, start discussions, and provide mutual support.

Empowering the Medical Community