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Qumu, a leading global enterprise video solution provider, came to us looking to polish their Video Control Center’s interface. However, it was mutually agreed that we first needed to utilize our forte in UX research to perform in-depth competitor and user analysis. Our final product was an integrated UX strategy providing QUMU with a clear roadmap for 2018.

4,587 Minutes of Stakeholder Interviews.

We interviewed stakeholders based on well-researched, tailored scripts that helped us understand the product from different perspectives.

3,167 Minutes of User Interviews

One-on-one interviews with actual Qumu VCC users which allowed us to understand how the product is used and what its perceived pain and strength points are.

Staking Out the Competition

Our meticulous 3-tiered competitive analysis process analyzed the competition against a special blend of criteria, providing detailed results that painted a clear picture of the competitive landscape.

Identifying Hidden Value

Our extensive research allowed us to hone in on our initial user persona and split it off into 4 separate personas and scenarios that uncovered previously untapped uses for Qumu VCC.

A Promising Road Ahead

Our research process allowed us to come up with valuable findings which were used to craft an all-encompassing experience blueprint, now serving as Qumu’s roadmap for 2018.