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Innovation need not be nebulous voodoo.


Our take on innovation is that it is…


It requires knowledge of the organization’s current position, its strengths and weaknesses, and the directions it wants to pursue.


While most might make it seem otherwise, innovation can and must be measured to assess its success.


Innovation—by definition—must add value. If it doesn’t have good ROI, it doesn’t qualify as innovation.


Most importantly, innovation can be systematized and taught to people so that they can do it consistently.

The Objective

Why Create an Innovation Squad?

We embed innovation in the organization’s DNA, building in-house innovation capabilities, designing & running systems for its governance, monitoring, and maintenance.


Generating from Untapped Revenue Streams

Through the constant prototyping and launching of corporate ventures, your organization gains an agility that is only possible in startups and small teams, backed by the full brunt of your experience, expertise, and funding.

Maximizing Efficiency & Reducing Cost

Your internal Innovation Squad is an optimization machine! You’ll find them questioning how things are done on a daily basis, looking for ways to make things better, faster, cheaper.

Branding Your Culture as Innovative

Top talent is looking for exciting places to work. An Innovation Squad on-premises radiates productivity vibes in its wake and is a talent magnet for rising stars that don’t want to be stifled by huge corporations.
The Process

How We Create Your Innovation Squad?

We create a new department in your organization: The Innovation Department

1 .

Kick-off & Preparation

We recruit/assign a Head of Innovation, with whom we co-create a long-term innovation transformation program.

We coach your Head of Innovation and help them recruit innovators, creating training programs, delivering workshops, developing KPIs, playbooks, and toolkits.

2 .

Development & Training

We take the innovation squad on a developmental journey, teaching them service design and tackling your services together, so they innovate under our supervision and mentorship.

We audit their outputs and provide feedback to close their learning cycle.

3 .

Consulting & Maintenance

We’ve innovated before them, passed on the know-how, created innovation value together, and critiqued their output.

Now, we remain in the capacity of consultants with the Innovation Squad until they’re fully capable of cranking out innovation with abandon.

Squad Credo

What Are an Innovation Squad’s Traits?

Your squad is a paragon of the values needed for innovation in your organization.

Customer Centricity

The Innovation Squad is the voice of the client within your organization, championing your customers’ needs (both external and internal customers) making sure your products, services, and processes cater to those needs.

Adaptability & Agility

Large enterprises are quite stable… which is a disadvantage when it comes to innovation. The Innovation Squad becomes a focal point of agility and adaptability, able to take bold risks and undertake disruptive endeavors.

Creativity & Experimentation

To spearhead innovation, your Squad must exercise an extraordinary level of creativity. The good news is: it’s a transferable skill! Watch your Squad create prototypes, constantly testing the waters and launching experiments.


As a strategic effort, endeavors of innovation must be aligned 100% with the organization’s strengths, values, and vision for the future, launching new businesses, products, and services that will strengthen your position in the market.


Under the right tutelage, innovation becomes a process that can be followed systematically by willful individuals to create groundbreaking value for the organization every time. They only need the right process, environment, and guidance.

Investing in creating an Innovation Squad today is imperative if your organization wishes to remain relevant tomorrow. Haven’t we all learned the lesson from Kodak and Nokia?

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“Change before you have to.”

Jack Welsh