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Design is an exercise in empathy. For designs to work you must first understand the people for whom you’re designing.

User Interviews

Following a semi-structured plan, we ask questions that probe a single person’s thoughts and feelings in order to evoke stories. Interviews can be conducted without the presence of products and services, or after experiencing them.


  • Are empathy tools that reveal feelings, emotions, and the reasons behind them
  • Provide in-depth understanding of values, perceptions, and experiences
  • Allow asking specific questions, but probing and exploring as the answers lead
  • Allow the exploration of ideas in early stages of development, and can be used to inform future research
  • Allows users and customers to speak their mind, and allows them to give long answers that elucidate their ideas and feelings

Focus Groups

A group activity facilitated by our researchers, eliciting participants’ ideas about a certain novel topic, product, or service.


  • Capture feelings and attitudes where questionnaires and surveys cannot
  • Are very useful to test launching something new to understand how market will react
  • Gather more information in a shorter period of time from a number of people and provide insights to inform further research
  • Provide insights into complicated topics when the topic is multi-faceted or where attitudes are conditional or non-binary


A fully structured question/answer format that can be conducted over several media (social media, emails, physical paper), where people are given a set of questions, usually with close-ended questions.


  • Are quick and inexpensive
  • Give quantitative results and provide statistical signals
  • Help in observing trends since answers are chosen from a finite set of options, and therefore can be tabulated
  • Can be used for ongoing monitoring providing the pulse on a topic
  • Can be used to support other qualitative methods

Research is step one. What is your step two?

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“It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.”

Steve Jobs