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Achieve maximum conversion, loyalty, and ROE.


The distinction between goods and services is fast becoming blurred. It’s blatantly obvious that products can’t be created without design. Services—being intangible, transparent, and ephemeral—are much harder to spot. Businesses are starting to realize that services cannot be delivered without design.


Previously, exceptional service provision was hailed as extraordinary, and examples were few and far between. Today—when alternatives abundantly abound—it’s becoming a matter of survival to dazzle customers with stellar service or risk losing them to the competition.


Welcome to Service Design!

The Definition

What is Service Design?

Service Design is a human-centered approach focused on customer experience and the quality of service provided. It’s a comprehensive approach that takes into consideration…

The Service Frontstage:

Customer-facing parts including store fronts, reception areas, touchpoints of interaction, and the products and their positioning and layout (analogous to a website’s UI).

The Service Backstage:

Processes, policies, and technologies governing service provision. They are non-customer-facing but impact the experience and are analogous to a website’s backend and logic.

Service design requires organizing a business’s resources—people, props and processes—to map the customer’s journey & improve the quality of interaction with providers, taking into account what happens in both the frontstage & the backstage.

Service design also improves employee experience allowing them to provide superior service.

The Outcome

Why Design Your Services?

A designed experience is systematic and consistent and is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction every time they walk through the door. Service Design results in:

Enhanced CX & Loyalty

Great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. Neither does loyalty. They require concerted efforts on all fronts, with empathy embedded in every step.

Boosted Conversion

Incorporating empathy into your service creates positive positive emotions with your customers. This will eventually lead to them loving your brand, buying from you, and advocating you.

Increased Revenue & ROE

Increased conversion is one aspect, but what about wasted raw material & time? Employee morale? Turnover? All these are improved by service design, increasing revenue & ROE.

Case Study

See how we became known as “The People Who Uplifted the B.TECH Experience”,

Read the Article

The Process

How We Design Services that Stand Out?

Service Design starts with understanding the business and the industry through a series of interviews with stakeholders and customer and competitor research.


We stake out the current provision of service, lifting the process onto customer journeys & blueprints, identifying fail points & factors that affect service provision and customer experience.


Then we bring out our weapons! We bunker down in ideation sessions employing a variety of techniques to produce astronomical numbers of valid ideas.


We evaluate with stakeholders the ideas produced, create blueprints for a Minimum Viable Service, roll it out, and observe it in action for feedback & improvement, then plan for full-scale.

The Tools

Examples of Service Design Activities

Field & Ethnographic Research

Embedding researchers within customer and employee environments to explore real insights into their behaviors and habits, uncovering the difference between what they say and what they do.

Customer Journey Maps

Visually representing the customer’s flow and their interactions with various touch-points, allowing you to put yourself in their shoes, observing the service from their perspective, empathizing with them, identifying gaps in the service or communication.

Design Sprints

The quintessence of service innovation, this is where we bring out the full arsenal of ideation techniques and, together with the service stakeholders, hash out the multitude of ideas ranging from the simple to the highly disruptive.

Service Blueprints

Blueprints serve as a playbook diagramming every step in the processes to produce the service, containing scripts for engaging customers. They are produced initially for the current service provision, and post-design to serve as the new service plan.

Our Offerings

How We Can Help You

Our services are tailored according to your specific position and needs. Two common starting off points are:


Full Customer Experience Design

Take the end-to-end process starting with discovery and research and ending with launching your new service in one store in the form of a minimum viable service. From there we start auditing and exploring how to approach a full-scale rollout.

Service Audits & Blueprinting

For when you just need to know what’s going on and where you might be going wrong. Our research & reports show you fail points that could affect conversion and point out areas of opportunity that could make your service leave lasting impressions on customers.

What Else Can We Help You With?

Your service is your business. When it’s consistently satisfactory,
your customers will associate that with your brand.

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“We’ve all heard of the Nordstrom Way, the Four Seasons’ Way. Isn’t it time you had Your Way?”

Amir Moussa